Getting Started


001 Explainer Video

The FIO Protocol is integrated into the products you already know and use today – and it works the same across all applications. If you’re new to the FIO Protocol, start off by watching this explainer video to see how it works.

FIO Ecosystem


002 FIO Ecosystem

To get started with the FIO Protocol, choose a FIO-enabled wallet or exchange that enables FIO Crypto Handle registration from our ecosystem list. If your favorite wallet isn’t integrated yet, let them know to use the FIO Protocol! Otherwise, get started with one of the many fully-integrated products already available.


003 FIO Crypto Handle

Registering a FIO Crypto Handle is fast and easy. Each FIO-enabled wallet or exchange will have a spot to register a FIO Crypto Handle, and you can find platform-specific instructions on our Knowledge Base.

FIO Address Registration
Use the FIO Protocol


004 FIO Protocol

With a FIO Crypto Handle, you’re now able to utilize all of the FIO Protocol’s capabilities. Get started by trying a request! Or try interacting with one of the many FIO-enabled applications.

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